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Should You Consider
Having A Static Site?

Web Design

Should You Consider Having A Static Site - Advantages & Disadvantages

Do you know that there is a significant number of websites out there that only have a front end and don't have a back end!

Although it's hard to believe, it's certainly true.

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    January 15th 2020

The problem with having a static HTML site is it is not so flexible. If you want to add or remove content you would have to put your hand directly on the codes. That can be risky not certainly not for everyone.

But, what if, it doesn't need to be flexible! What if it doesn't need any modifications at all.

Let me give some examples to make it clear. Suppose, you have a landing page for your eBook, or it's just a landing page used to collect email addresses from the subscribers. It will be only a single page website. And once you put down the contents, you don't need to modify it ever again. Well, it won't need any change so often. If you use a static HTML site for it, it will only take a few kilobytes of space, if you don't put a heavy load of images of course. But if you use a WordPress setup for it, it will be overkill and totally unnecessary.

You can use static sites even for multipage websites. Suppose you have a small company, and you don't need to add posts very often, a static HTML site will be a good choice. But if you want to give coupons and discount alerts often, then it will need modification frequently, then you should use WordPress.

Fun fact: this website you're on is a static website. It doesn't have any backend, only front end.

On this website, we don't need to change texts so often. We just add new blog posts twice a month. In that case, we just add a copy of the existing markup for the blog post and change the texts and upload it. Then we link that page with other posts. That's all.

But if you add so many posts, suppose you have a blog, then you certainly shouldn't consider having a static site.

Now let's talk about some of the disadvantages of having a static site.

First of all, it's not at all flexible. If you have a WordPress blog. And after some time when you have a lot of visitors, let's say you wanted to sell them some product, maybe digital products. For example, if you have a blog where you post about photo editing, you can sell different presets of photo editing software. If you have a traffic interested in fashion designing, you can sell an e-book regarding that topic. If you already gain your visitors' trust, then there is no reason for them not to buy your products.

Now, how to sell that? How to get the payments?

Well, if you use WordPress, it's pretty easy. There are lots of plugins for that. Take WooCommerce for example. You can just install the plugin on your website with some clicks of your mouse and set up even a large size online shop. You can set up the payment systems also.

There are plugins for almost everything you would want to do on your WordPress website. But if you use a static site, it will be pretty difficult to set it up. You may need to hire a developer to do that for you.

Now one very important question I heard peoples asking is that, is it bad for SEO(search engine optimization) to have a static site!

The answer to the question is, NO, absolutely not! You can use whatever CMS you want; it can be WordPress, it can be Blogger. But at the end of the day, they all have one thing in common, the HTML markup. Google sees the HTML tags and structures, nothing else.

So, having a static site isn't bad for SEO at all! At some point it's good. One of the most important google ranking factors is page load speed. And as the static site is lighter than a CMS, it is much faster and has a lot less page loading time.

Ok. We have talked a lot and discussed this in detail. Now, it's the decision time. What do you think? Do you need a static site or a WordPress site?

You just need the answers to these 2 questions –

Will your site won't need constant and frequent modifications?

Will your site will be not so big and will have only a few pages?

If the answer to both of these questions is YES then you can definitely go for a static site.

Are you having a hard time making the decision? Maybe a consultation with us will help. Feel free to drop up a message in our contact box. We will definitely give you our thoughts ASAP!

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